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    Snus News

    Winston-Salem Journal

    Reynolds enters FDA modified-risk regulatory gauntlet for 6 Camel ...
    Winston-Salem Journal
    R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has entered the Food and Drug Administration regulatory gauntlet to have six styles of its Camel Snus products reviewed as a ...

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    Snus winery, county schools involved in Habitat event
    Boone News-Republican
    Snus Hill wines plus tasty hors d'oeuvres prepared by local food maven, Maureen Mondt, and her team will be served by attentive celebrity waiters, including Steve Krafcisin, DMACC women's basketball coach and former Iowa Hawkeye star; State ...

    RJR Seeks Modified Risk for Classification for Camel Snus ...
    CSNews Online
    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Reynolds American Inc.'s R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (RJRT) subsidiary has submitted Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) ...
    Advisory: RJRT Submits Modified Risk Tobacco Product ...Yahoo Finance

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    2017 Global Snus Market: Manufacturers- RAI, Swedish Match, BAT and ITG
    Herald Analyst
    The Global Snus report 2017 focuses on deep analysis of the current status of Snus industry . The study of Snus industry is very important to enhance business productivity and for the study of market forecast. Primarily, Snus Market report 2017 ...
    Global Snus Market 2017 – Imperial Tobacco Group, Manikchand ...MilTech
    Snus market grow at a CAGR of 12.3% by 2022 according to new ...WhaTech

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    Huffington Post

    Two Doctors on A Mission to Set the Record Straight about Smokeless Tobacco and Its Impact on Public Safety.
    Huffington Post
    Since 2005 a Swedish version of moist snuff, called snus, has become more popular in the U.S. Rather than fermented, the tobacco is treated by a pasteurization process that gives it a different flavor than American dip, and somewhat lower levels of ...

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    Is Sweden the answer to a smoke-free future? | Nouse
    It seems Sweden is the guiding light needed for a cigarette-free world. Swedish men appear to be the first population to reach a record low of daily smokers, with ...

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    Ag Officials: “Unachievable” FDA Standard Would Devastate Ky Dark Fired Tobacco
    The FDA study utilized to create the standard, categorized the products into smokeless tobacco product subcategories (moist snuff, snus, dissolvable, dry snuff) and utilized literature reviews and data samples from brands both domestic and imported to ...


    Äntligen! Här är snus- och chipsälskares nya dröm
    Vi tror att många snus- och chipsälskare kommer uppskatta den här nya produkten. Vi vet att det finns en stor marknad och ärligt talat: har du testat att snusa samtidigt som du äter en näve chips, det är inte en trevlig upplevelse. Chips lägger sig ...


    Tullen avslöjade omfattande snussmuggling – 1 300 kilo snus ...
    Tre män misstänks för grovt skattebedrägeri och smuggling. Polisen beslagtog även nästan 4 kilo cannabis av en av de misstänkta.
    Över ett ton snus fördes in i Finland - VasabladetVasabladet

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    ABC Nyheter

    Medisinstudenter vil flytte salg av snus og røyk til Vinmonopolet
    ABC Nyheter
    ... på tide at man gjør det vanskeligere å få tak i røyk og snus. På sitt landsmøte i helgen vedtok de fremtidige norske legene at de vil ha slutt på salg av tobakk i butikker og kiosker. De vil heller flytte det til Vinmonopolet og andre ...
    Nordlys - Vil flytte salg av snus og tobakk til poletNordlys
    Medisinstudentene vil forby salg av tobakk i butikk og kiosk - NRK ...NRK

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    What is Swedish snus?

    Snuff Snus (Swedish snus)

    Snus is a moist to semi-moist, ground, oral tobacco product,. Snus exists in two packaging formats, loose and portion packed...

    Snuff snus is a moist or semi-moist oral powder tobacco product. Snus is manufactured and mainly consumed in Sweden and Norway.

    how to snus snuff

    The most usual way to consume snus is to place it between the gum and the upper lip in the oral cavity, and keep it there for a time varying from a few minutes to several hours, according to taste.

    There are two main packaging formats of snus on the market loose and portion packed:


    Loose snus:

    lssnus is a loose, moist powder which can be portioned and rolled into a cylindrical shape with the fingertips, or using a prismaster tool. The end result is often referred to as a pris (pinch) or prilla (slang for pris).

    loses snus - general


    Pouch snus

    portionssnus or pouch snus, is prepackaged powder in small bags made from the same material as teabags. It comes in smaller quantities than the loose powder but is considered easier to handle. Because it is easier to get out of the mouth, then the loose powder.

    portion snus - FL snus metropol snus



    Both forms exist in different flavour varieties. Swedish snus is made from air dried tobacco from various parts of the world. In earlier times tobacco for making snus used to be laid out for drying in Scania and Mlardalen. Later Kentucky tobaccos were used. The ground tobacco is mixed with water, salt, sodium carbonate and aroma and is prepared through heating, generally via steam. Snus is pasteurised in a proprietary heat treatment process. This manufacturing process satisfies the hygienic requirements of the Swedish Food Act. All production follows strict procedural and hygienic standards. The tobacco undergoes several stages of rigorous analysis to ensure that it meets standards. Swedish snus is regulated as a food product in Sweden. Production and additive standards are the same as those for food products.


    Snus is sold mainly in Sweden and Norway, but can be found in outlets in various other countries frequented by Scandinavian tourists (with the notable exception of countries in the EU; see below). It is sold in small tins, which in the earlier years were made of porcelain, wood, silver or gold, but nowadays come in compressed paper or plastic. They contain 50g of loose snus or 24g of portion bags. In Sweden portion snus is usually sold in plastic boxes and loose snus is sold in paper boxes, while in Norway they are only available in plastic, but paper boxes are being phased in.


    The price for the 50g product is approximately €2.50 in Sweden and €6.00 in Norway, and the total production of Swedish snus, mainly for the Scandinavian market, has been reported to be in excess of 300 million units per year. After the Norwegian government in June 2004 implemented a strict indoor smoking ban in public places, sales of snus skyrocketed, and several new variants of the product were put on the Norwegian market.


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